Pumpkin Sling



2022 Application


Where Brain Meets Brawn

A competition between participating school teams that build a human powered catapult or trebuchet, designed to propel a 2-5 lb. pumpkin.

The 2022 Pumpkin Sling will be held at Picatinny Arsenal, Friday, October 21, with a rain date of Friday, October 28.




STEM Education

Careers and subjects surrounding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are in high necessity and it is important for the youth of today to be exposed to these subjects early to develop interest.

Build Your Machine

Never built a catapult or trebuchet before? No problem. Seasoned teams are always willing to help with advice and inspiration. Now that's teambuilding.


Check out the teams that are attending. Some are rookies and some have been building machines and participating for years. ALL participating teams that have made it to our launch pad have a lot to be proud of!

Team Scores

Check out the team scores for various categories in 2018. Find all previous participants, grand champions and their scores.




Check out some of the media from past Pumpkin Slings

Sign Up

Any accredited school is allowed to participate. Download application.


Students that participate in the Pumpkin Sling are eligible for scholarships. Read more about the criteria for each and download the applications.