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In 2011 world champiionship competitors, Sir Chunks A Lot, came to the Pumpkin Sling to practice up for the Punkin' Chunkin in Delaware. That year, as well as in 2012 & 2013, the Pumpkin Sling was held in Harmony Township on Montana Mountain. That first year we searched high and low for their pumpkin of choice – La Estrella Pumpkins. After paying $12 a piece for these 8 lb. pumpkins organizer Giulia Grotenhuis decided to grow them on her farm in Harmony, called The Farm in Harmony. Since that Pumpkin Sling in 2011 she has grown them and supplied Sir Chunks with pumpkins at the Last Fling Pumpkin Sling, Extreme Chunkin and Punkin Chunkin. Chunk 58, Stomach Virus and Jack O Splatter have also used pumpkins from the Farm In Harmony.

La Estrella pumpkins are super dense, with a small pocket of seeds inside of them. This makes them withstand the pressure of being slung by an intense machine. When the pumpkin splats in the sky that is known as Pie. There is a skill to picking a good pumpkin that will stay in tact for the ride.

Picatinny Arsenal hosted the 7th annual Pumpkin Sling in 2016 and that year the Farm in Harmony supplied the machines with a variety of La Estrella and New England Pie pumpkins.

These pumpkins are also good for baking and the puree is healthy for your skin. The Farm in Harmony makes every attempt to use missized pumpkins for other projects. They are used in soaps and body scrubs. They have donated pumpkins to food shelters and senior luncheons and other sources.


In 2013 we received this email from Sir Chunks-A-Lot


Thought you might like to know that Sir Chunks-A-Lot took first place in the Adult Catapult division at Punkin Chunkin with a throw of 2,636.78' on Friday. That throw was followed by throws of 2,408' on Saturday, and 2,359' on Sunday. That Friday throw was also a personal best throw for us, and we have you to thank for it because the pumpkin we used was one that you grew for us to use at Harmony. As you may have heard, this year was a pretty bad year for pumpkin growing in this area. No LaEstrella's, or even Lumina's, were available from the suppliers to the Punkin Chunkin event, which led to a lot of machines throwing pies this year because of pumpkin quality, so you helped us tremendously. Thank you so much.

Also, the crew from Stomach Virus won the youth division in their class, and set a new world record for their class with a 1200'+ throw. And, the team from Islip, Jack O'Splatter, also did very well in their class. Looks like the Last Fling Pumpkin Sling is producing some great talent, you should be proud! We look forward to the 2014 Pumpkin Sling, and have been pushing a few other teams to attend as well. Hopefully, they will. Keep up the great work, and thanks again from the whole team.

Nick U, Sir Chunks-A-Lot