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Team Application & Waivers

New in 2017

A few things are changing with the 2017 Pumpkin Sling. The location will be the same as 2016, at Picatinny Arsenal. We are working on rule updates now that will a) limit the machines to short arm b) allow for electric winches with some safety provisions.

Also, for the teams that wish to participate the FIRST step will be to fill out your 2017 application completely. They should be available in the Spring. But the Pumpkin Sling must first have this on file before you will be accepted to participate. Afterwhich you will work with Picatinny Arsenal on their SOP's for access to the base.

2016 Trebuchet and Catapult Rules and Application

(Check back in Spring for 2017 updates)

Waivers for Team Members

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Pumpkin Sling is a World Championship Punkin Chunkin Event!