Pumpkin Sling

Where Brain Meets Brawn

A competition between participating school teams that build a human powered catapult or trebuchet, designed to propel a 2-4 lb. pumpkin.


2017 Application

Building a catapult or trebuchet is easy, it's getting it to work that is the hard part. Teams have opportunity to collaborate, learn about physics, mathematics, working with tools.... and how not to procrastinate. Teams already are making plans to participate in 2017, so don't delay and reserve your spot today!

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2016 Teams


Morris Knolls High School, NJ This team is a high school team that works on their project in their Science Inquiry Class. They have been in competition for 6 years and are previous 3 time winners in their category. This year they return with one Floating Arm Trebuchet and 2 Catapults.
Team: The MK

Sussex County Technical School is participating for the first time in any Pumpkin Slinging event. The team consists of students in their engineering, carpentry and welding programs. They will have a 6 foot long launch arm, spring loaded catapult. Rookie Team in 2016
Team: Sussex Tech Manufacturing

Madison High School

Livingston High School is attending with a short floating arm trebuchet. The main frame is constructed of wood, and the arm is constructed of chromoly steel that is reinforced with a bridge like structure.

Originally, the Livingston High School Trebuchet team, the Lancers, was part of the high school's Technology and Design II Class. Julian Sowa, the current team manager, was a sophomore the last time the team competed int he Last Fling Pumpkin Sling in 2014. Two yearas later the team is back and armed with their brain and brawn, and preparing the medieval short arm trebuchet to bring it back alive for the 2016 competition.
The Lancers
Dover Middle School - Rookie Team in 2016
Hillside High School - Rookie Team in 2016