Pumpkin Sling



2019 Application



My whole family had reservations when we pulled in because our device was so small but once we got started they really got in the spirit of things. I'm going to put it all over my Facebook page and get the word out in Haddonfield so that you continue to have a terrific event next year.

Holly Hargrove


On behalf myself and all of Chunk 58 I want to take a moment to thank you and your entire team for planning and running such a worthwhile event. The Sling was the highlight of our year. I am again impressed with the professionalism and the level of organization demonstrated by you and the entire staff. You all do a wonderful job at providing a venue for Scouts, schools, families and other groups to build valuable knowledge and skills in an exciting yet friendly competition. I truly believe that each of the machines is truly awesome in some way, but it is really the people who planned and ran this year's event that really make it special. You enable each team to shine. Congratulations and Thank You to you and your staff for another extraordinary year at the Last Fling Pumpkin Sling.

Paul Hascek, Chunk 58, Chunk 5.8, Sling 58



Not only does the sling provide us an opportunity to get back in the groove of chunkin, we like the event. We dig our position as "pro chunkers" if you wanna call us that. It's very rewarding interacting with all the youth teams. They have a lot of questions and we are more than happy to provide as much info as possible. I've wondered how my life would have been had there been such cool interactive science competitions like chunkin when I was in school. Also, we took first place in DE 2 of the 3 years we participated in the sling. We'd be crazy to mess with such a good luck charm!

—Andrew A., Sir Chunks-A-Lot



“I particularly appreciate the sense of camaraderie, the opportunities for the teams to meet and learn from each other, and the family-friendly atmosphere.”

—Paul H., Chunk 58